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Need Border Clearance ?

ACE/ACI e-manifest Services

ACI e Manifest requires highway carriers to transmit their cargo and conveyance data to CBSA for Canada-bound crossings, no less than 1 hour prior to arrival at the border. ACE is the equivalent U.S. program.

An e-Manifest is the submission of trip, conveyance, equipment, crew, passenger, and shipment details electronically. Filing manifests electronically can be accomplished either by using Simple Ace.

Yes, we do help you to get these services easily and as make you eligible to get these services. This help to cross the borders safely and at no risk.

Load Clearing with Customs Brokers

A customs broker is someone who clears shipments of imported or exported goods. They are responsible for ensuring that the items meet all the regulations, laws, packing, and other requirements that are mandated by law.

We make you choose the best Custom Broker who will be experienced, dedicated, and someone that can handle your volume.

PARS/PAPS Labels Printing

It is used by Canada Customs (CBSA) for importing goods into Canada. The PARS Barcode is used on the Commercial Invoice at the time the shipment is picked up in the United States. A PARS barcode is attached to the Commercial Invoice.

These labels are needed every time and that to in bulks but don’t worry because it’s our duty to provide you with this. We order and get it for you so that you don’t face any difficulty at the borders or during pick ups.

CSA Crossing Cards

CSA, standing for Customs Self Assessment, is a Canadian Shipment Type for goods to clear through CBSA. It allows for the clearance of goods imported by a CSA Approved importer and transported by a CSA Approved carrier.

Again, you will find all these services by us as we are sitting for that. Your safety is what we are here for you. All these services are our job to give it to you.


From completing your applications to providing you with every paper or document that is needed is our responsibility

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